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A Complete Range of Piling solutions

Mini Piling

Auger bored mini piling can be used in a variety of applications such as new foundations for extensions, housing and industrial structures, slope stabilisation and upgrading of existing floor slabs.

Mini piling is used where access or headroom is limited or difficult ground conditions such as waterlogging prevent the use of larger rigs. Our rigs have all been developed for limited access, low headroom piling and include the Stealth T8000 Mini Piling Rig, the TD500 Drop Hammer Piling Rig and the Stealth T3000 Mini Piling Rig.

Open Auger Bored Piling

We offer open auger bored piling service in Surrey. If the soil on site allows a larger piling rig to be used, higher loaded piles can be achieved. We have a Klemm 708 rig which weighs eight tonnes and has an 8 metre mast. This rig can auger piles to a depth of 60 metres with pile diameters ranging from 300mm to 450mm.

Piling machine
Steel Case Piling

Steel Case Driven Piling

Permanently steel cased piles are used on sites where soft soil overlays more competent strata. The piles are driven with an internal drop hammer and a suitable reinforcement is then added before the casing is filled with concrete. This pile is particularly useful on contaminated ground or sites with restricted access as it creates no arisings thus saving on costly disposal of spoil.

Grundomat Piling

At Dual Piling Ltd we can offer Grundomat Piling in Surrey. The Grundomat rig is suitable for use in and around buildings in Surrey where there is limited access and restricted headroom. The rig uses a 150mm or 219mm casing which are welded in small sections on site so that the required depth is reached. These are then filled with concrete and steel reinforcement. There are no arisings from this type of piling.

Grundomat Piling
Continuous Flight Auger

Continuous Flight Auger(CFA)

CFA is suitable for most ground conditions but is a cost effective way of piling through sands, gravels or clays with a high water table or made ground and it eliminates the need for temporary casing. Small and large diameter CFA are available and has the advantage of being quieter and virtually vibration free.

Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piling is often used within temporary deep excavations and are constructed by driving steel sheets into a slope or excavation. Their main advantage is that they can be driven to depths below the bottom of the excavation providing a control of the soil conditions.

Sheet Piling

Screw Piling

Steel screw piles provide deep foundations to carry tensil compressive and lateral loads.  Initially made from cast iron they originated back in 1833 and many of the Victorian Pleasure Piers were constructed on screw piles.

Their use has been widely developed since, and screw pile foundations have been commonplace in North America as an extremely practical system for timber-framed housing and modular construction.  The screw pile today is used across all sectors of construction.
Screw pile foundations have low embodied energy, are swift and clean to install and being concrete free and instantly loadable are ideal for all modern building methods.

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