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Screw Piling - Tried and Tested

Screw piling

Dual Screw Piles 
Our piling system uses flighted lead sections and bolt-on extensions (which can also be flighted). The CHS shafts and helical plates are fabricated to relevant quality management standards from high-grade carbon steel. 

Piles are screwed into the ground, which avoids creating spoil using small to medium sized plant fitted with a torque head motor.
The installation torque for each pile is monitored as it is directly proportional to the load-bearing capacity of the pile and extensions are added until necessary depth is reached to achieve the designed load bearing capacity.

Key Advantages of Screw Piles
• Speed of installation up to two linear metres of pile per minute
• Installed to laser level accuracy within + / -  3mm
• Sustains load immediately after installation.  Enables rapid assembly of offsite construction
• Requires only lightweight installation plant.  Can operate on soft terrain without the need for piling mats
• Minimal noise or vibration with little disturbance of soil
• Environmentally friendly as no concrete or grouting required
• No removal of spoil and no casing or dewatering needed.  Well suited for contaminated ground
• Can be more cost effective than strip footings.
• Load bearing capacity equal in both tension and compression.  Perfect for variable load situations
• Resistant to desiccation or heave
• Thick-walled tube and galvanising provide a permanent foundation design life of 120 years in normal ground conditions
• Ideal for restricted access or low headroom sites
• Readily reused or recycled – an excellent option for temporary structures

Typical Applications
The following examples show the versatility of the screw pile system
• Extensions – conservatories
• Tower – Mast foundations
• Environmental Walkways
• School and office buildings
• Modular and Eco Housing
• Volumetric Buildings
• Industrial – Retail Buildings
• Mezzanine Foundations
• Foundation Strengthening

• Rail Infrastructure
• Highway Infrastructure
• Solar RV Ground arrays
• Pipe Line Foundations
• Agricultural Building
• Stadiums – Marquees
• Staging Foundations
• Marine Pontoons
• Flood Plain New Build
• Temporary Structures
• Restricted Access Sites
• Subsidence Repair
• Tieback Anchors
• Soil Nailing
• Flood Defences

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