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Footings for home extension

Ground beams and slabs

Dual Piling Ltd can provide you with ground beams and slabs for your foundation in Surrey. Ground beams and slabs are used to join piles together and provide a foundation to build off. Ground beams are made from reinforced concrete whilst slabs can be either formed on site from reinforced concrete or by laying precast concrete slabs.

Contiguous and Secant piled walls

Dual Piling provide a secant piled wall service in Surrey. Contiguous and secant piled walls are normally used for holding back soil so that an area can be excavated such as in the construction of a basement or a retaining wall.

Contiguous walls have a gap between the piles of 50mm – 100mm which means they are used where water ingress or soil loss through the gaps is not an issue.

A piled secant wall is a series of hard and soft piles which interlock and form a continuous wall. They are used where water ingress or loss of soil between the piles is a problem. Secant piled walls are not normally used to a depth greater than 25 metres due to verticality tolerances.

Piling retaining wall
Complicated footings

Complete foundation packages

We can provide a complete foundation package including design, piling, ground beams, beam and block or precast concrete floors, brickwork and DPC.
Yard/Floor Stabilisation

Excessively loaded industrial floors and yards can be uprated quickly and cleanly by pile insertion and results in minimal business disruption.
Sprayed Concrete

Where a smooth reinforced concrete finish is required, Gunite can be sprayed over the piled walls. This is done by blowing a dry mix through a nozzle where water is added.
Excavations, Drainage and Soakaways

We can do bulk excavations including the installation of drainage, underground tankage, sewage tanks, soakaways and services.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to support brick or blockwork or to form a permanent shutter at the edge of a concrete floor slab. Retaining walls can be constructed by either Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) or open auger piling.

Both these methods are a very cost effective way of retaining the sides of large excavations even in dry or water bearing soil conditions and are particularly effective in basement construction where the excavation faces have to be vertical. These piles can either be temporary or can be faced with brickwork if they form part of the permanent structure.

Stepoc block walls and reinforced concrete walls can also be used for retaining walls where there is the space to batten back the soil behind it to enable the wall to be formed and then backfilled against.

Retaining wall

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